A day in the life of


So i really wanted a new dog, i missed all of my dogs and thor was lonely. Hes not a cwtchy dog and dogs help with anxiety and i used to sleep better with Dougie on my bed. Mam kept saying no, one friday night i was in bed and she came upstairs and said do you want this puppy. She had border collie in her. I fell in love. I was like thats my puppy. I emailed the woman and went to sleep praying she was available. I woke up and got her number and text her saying we’d lost two dogs within a year to old age and we had a border collie who wasnt himself etc. She text back saying we could meet her tomorrow. She turned around and said if you like her you can take her home at 8 weeks because the mother wasnt interested. She had turned 14 other people away because she was looking for the right person. This was sign number 1 (of how we eventually knew she was ours). We went up to meet her the next day and was so timid and adorable, i was going to go for a greek goddess name but couldnt find one i liked so i decided on Winnie from Hocus Pocus because its my favourite film and she had gingery hair like Winnie. But the uncle was making fun of me so i wasnt sure about it, i figured id use whatever name they had given her.

Before we left, i asked them if she had a name they called her and they said Winnie, me and mam just locked at each other. They noticed the look and asked what? So i explained thats what i wanted to call her and why. The daughter immediately burst out laughing and said it was her fave film and the colouring was why they named her Winnie (sign number 2).

Winnie was also born in October, the month of Halloween (sign 3).

When we got home, she met Thor who didnt really care either way. But later that night i went on facebook and seen timehop, that day was a year that we lost Dougie, it was like we were gifted her. (Sign 4).

We finally decided it was fated when we felt like she had always been there.

She is such a sweet and loving dog. If you cry, she jumps up and cwtches you, if she nips you and you say ow, she will lick your face to say sorry. Puppy training is nearly finished. Only trouble with have is isolation, shes not used to people so barks when she sees them on her walks. Thats something she will get used to, hopefully.

So meet my pride and joy Winnie…

The day we got her.

Meeting Thor:

Look at this face:

Look how big shes got.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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