A day in the life of

Heart Break…

I really really liked this one. Lets call him the Manager. He was sweet, he made me laugh and we had good banter.

Been texting for a few weeks and he texts today saying that he’s started seeing someone so cant keep texting me.

Why does this always happen to me? Am i too broken? Is that all guys see now? The broken little girl who jumps at her own shadow.

My friends keep suggesting going out and having a one night stand but i dont want that.

I kid myself and say im a commitment phobe but im not, im just scared of putting myself out there to be rejected and guess what, it did happen.

Not sure if my heart can take anymore. If i can take any more rejections.

Ive been thinking a lot about my ex, the one i consider my True Love. Do you get more then one in your life? If not im fucked. I loved him with everything i am and had. He was my best friend. When i first got ill with my mental health i would only sleep for a few hours a time, id wake up and go back to bed and no matter how many times i woke up or what time, he’d always cuddle me back into him when i got back to bed. Thats the intimacy i miss. But then im a different person to what i was back then. I dont think im capable of being taken care of anymore, i dont know how.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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