A day in the life of

Why dont you make up your mind?

So its been a while. And whats on my mind? Guys. Or to be more specific 5 guys:

The guy i slept with

The guy who wants me

The ex guy

The guy i like

And lastly the guy who i cant have.

So start with the guy i slept with.

I met him on tinder, yes i know me and tinder do not have a good experience but i wanted a pick me up. I went to school with him so i vaguely knew of him. We’d been txting for a couple of weeks and i went up his to hang out. It was calming and he was easy to talk to. We started kissing and it had been a longggggggg time. To be fair he was quite cute and asked if i was sure, i replied by ripping my top off! I mean wow. I lost count of the orgasms i had. We cuddled up after and he made a comment about do you smoke and i said yea. After a bit he dropped me home. He txted me saying it was a pet hate of his so couldnt date me and he wasnt looking for a fuck buddy. Fair enough. I was abit crushed but hey i got great sex. He still msgs every now and again trying to get into my pants. I think he did like me but ya know everyone has their pet hates so i cant judge him for that.

The guy i kinda like

Next is the guy i like formally known as bench boy. Yes after 10 years we have a chance. He split with his gf and we tried to meet up three times and he always cancelled or “something got in the way”. I called him on it and he said nothing was wrong. He did admit the next day he wasnt ready. I got so mad at him coz we’ve been friends for ages and i always said we as friends came first. Like mate if you had an issue talk to me. Anyway i left him too it and after a few weeks he said he was ready and wanted to meet up. We set a date and didnt really hear off him but i came on so heavy so i txt him saying i couldnt meet and he was cold with me, havent really heard off him since. I dont like the games. I appreciate he was in a long relationship but for god sake dont mess me around. (Update since i started writing this) tried meeting him another 3 times and something always comes up. Im not sure where i stand. We talk everyday. I know i have commitment issues and i love the chase, so if hes caught what happens? Do i fuck it up like everything else? Does he even want to meet up, its so very frustrating with him.

The ex

This is the Partier or Player, we’ve been meeting for lunch or coffee for a while and its turned to flirting. I know he wants to hook up but im not sure if i want to. Our last relationship started so naturally, we didnt have the talk we just dated and one day he called me his girlfriend. I dont want that again. I miss his friendship but i dont want a relationship with him. It didnt work the first time it wont work the second.

The one who wants me.

He comes to the club i work once a week, hes married with four kids. Hes not that much older then me. Hes been flirting for ages. He kept nagging for my number and i kept pointing out he was still technically married even if it was over. He wore me down so much i gave him my number. Now he wont stop. He txts all the time. Mum even explained about Lucifer to him and she said look with her, you cant be texting her all the time, she doesnt like stuff like that. It freaks her out. I thought he’d got the message but hes left his wife and i think it was for me. He wanted to come to work on sat and talk and i said i didnt want that talk while in work. Then yesterday he tries ringing me, i have hair dye on so cant answer and txt him. He wants to know if i wana meet him at the club to talk and i said no im working at 6. He then says oh ill stay here then. I started my shift at 6 and he didnt leave till 10.15. It was so fucking awkward. I told him again i didnt want to talk in work. He just stood there for ages, i was trying to ignore him. He wouldnt get the hint, i have no idea what to do with him. I dont want to be with them but how do i have that convo? How do i tell him when hes left his wife. Its like hes pinning all his hopes on me. Im not attracted to him at all, hes not my type, just wish he’d get the message.

The one i want 😫😫😫

The one i want and cant have. So my favourite family that comes into work one of them showed me a picture of his son and fuck me hes fit. So him and the Sis came up with a plan which she told me about pretty much straight away. He lives in London and he was coming down for mothers day and i dont like the Sis working it because she has kids so their plan was i work and meet the sexy son. Anyway Sis told me so i didnt go into work looking like shit. I did my make up and this is the day i dyed my hair and the one who wants me comes to work and doesnt leave. Anyway the son didnt show and i was ignoring the other one. And then he turned up. Oh my, he is fit. My type to a tee. If i could model my guy it would look like him. And he was super sweet. I didnt get to flirt to much because of the other guy 😫 FML. And i couldnt tell if he liked me. So the next day i sent him a msg hoping for the best and he replied. We’ve been messaging but nothing could ever happen. He lives too far away. If i could just find a carbon copy of him living here ☹️.

Thats all for now.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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