A day in the life of

Lucifer Tries to tempt Eve…

Ok so Lucifer has contacted me again. It was Monday about 11pm and i had a notification on Snapchat. So i looked and had no snaps so thought that was weird but then checked who had added me and his named appeared. I was so fucking shocked. I called Big Sis and she told me to check my other social media. I had him blocked on Facebook but because i didn’t have him on snapchat, i didn’t have his name to block him and he changed his instagram account so couldn’t block him on that either.


So the next day i phoned my policeman and left a message but he didn’t reply so i knew he wasn’t on shift so i phoned 101. I explained about my PIN and that i thought he broke it, so she looked at the conditions of my PIN and it said he “cannot contact me via text, calls, email or social media” which means he breached it so she took a few details off me and said they would handle it.


About half an hour later i got a call from a police woman and she asked what had happened so i explained about Lucifer and that i had screenshots of him adding me. I also warned her that he may claim that i had contacted him, she asked why so i explained that he’d said that before as a defence. She asked if i had contacted him and i said no, the only time i had was months ago before my PIN, he had called me and asked for a blow job and when i said no he said ah thats right you got my roommates cock to suck. I hung up and text him saying he couldn’t talk to me like that anymore and to leave me alone. So the officer said that i can reply saying leave me alone because it means that i am laying down the law that i don’t want contact. Anyway i emailed her the photos and waited for a reply.


It was Thursday and i was working so my policeman popped in to see if i was ok, he had deleted my msg by accident. He took Lucifers details and said he would check in and call me back. So he rung about an hour later and said that his colleague was handling it and he’d contact her and see what was going on. He also told me that Lucifer had quite a few calls against him for harassment! Im still on police watch apparently, which means for 6 weeks the police will keep an eye on my house just in case.


Later that day my officer called, she said she had gone round to his and explained i wanted no contact. She said he didn’t say that i had contacted him but that he hadn’t contacted me at all! Lying bastard. The officer was laughing though because she seen my evidence. She said one more contact and they would use my full history against him.


My name is flagged which means that if i call the police and say my name then a riot van will turn up at my address. Which makes me feel safer but i shouldn’t have to deal with this. I shouldn’t have to open the door and and look over my shoulder in case he’s there. My police guy told Big Sis that my officer is female and 5″2 so Lucifer is not going to take her warning seriously. He also said that he wanted to reach out to me to see if i was ok. Am i ok? No because he wont leave me a fucking alone.

And for reference, heres a map of how close he lives:

And thanks to google maps and for screen recording, the video starts on my house then how i would walk to Lucifers:

Women’s aid called me and i made an appointment with them and i told them my full history so they made me a free appointment with their solicitor so that i can see about getting a civil harassment order against Lucifer. If he then contacts me he will be arrested and through court i can get a restraining order. I need to do it this way because the police cant or wont do anything. Its been 11 months and I’m still living this nightmare.

On a happy note or a sanity note, i have my first appointment with a PTSD specialist this month. They will decide the best course of treatment for me, whether it be talking therapy or this other therapy called Eye freedom movement. Not to sure what it is but ill try anything.

Think your all caught up now so….

Happy Reading Bitches!

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