The Player…

So heres a post about the Player or the Partier.

As i said before my best friend had a one night for him and really liked him. So we started going to his pub and i didn’t really like him, he was obnoxious and cocky. Not really my cup of tea. So one night Big Sis made a joke about working at his pub and he gave her a job so we started hanging out there more and more. He would try and flirt and i would have none of it. He ended up leaving and going to a different pub to work and i ended up working there. So one night him, Big Sis and the new manager were drinking after hours and i wasn’t drinking at the time because of my crazy tablets. So at one point it was me and him and we were talking. He said he liked that i didn’t play up to him, that i treated him normally and that didn’t hero worship him. He told me i was pretty etc and i ended up having a go at him. I have issues with people complimenting me on my looks, i would rather them say i have a good personality. I know I’m pretty but so many guys want me for my looks and end up shocked i have a personality. That pisses me off. Anyway we agreed to a friendly meet up.

We would meet up quite often and go for food or for coffee etc. Thats how i met the New Army Guy actually. He was on leave and drinking in the pub. We went in after our food and it was only him and the manager there. He asked if i wanted a drink and Player and my manager looked at each other and said she doesn’t drink, so Army Guy asked if i wanted OJ. I liked that. That he didn’t push me to drink.

Anyway back to it. The Bestie came over one night and we were talking about the Player and i said i wasn’t sure if i liked him and she said i hope thats not because of me, i think you should date him etc etc. So i ended up asking if he wanted to try a date and see how it goes. We kinda ended up going quite fast, it was natural though not forced. But after a few weeks he was going away for a stag do and he had said things were moving too fast and he needed a break. So i left him too it. I didn’t text him and let him enjoy himself. So on the Monday he came home and i was working so he came down and i was normal with him, we went outside for a smoke and he ended up saying he’d missed me. Think he had realised that he could have his freedom because i weren’t clingy. Anyway we ended up being together, he did go weird a few times and would ask for space. But i wasn’t bothered. I knew he loved me.

I ended up leaving the pub on bad terms, they treated me like shit and talked about my mental health and said id tried to kill myself to my mum so i quit there. It put a strain on our relationship because he didn’t stick up for me, things went down hill from there because i was banned from the pub and that was his drinking hole.

He broke up with my not long before Christmas and we still exchanged gifts and still slept together for a while until one night he had gone out and called me, i rolled over in the squeaky downstairs bed and he accused me of having a guy in bed. Big blow up and i deleted him from my life.

We’ve slowly been talking again because ive missed his friendship. Its nice spending time with him and its cute he still remembers my qwerks like my love of hot chocolate. I don’t think anything will come out of it but its still cute spending time together.

So im not sure whats happening but i can thank Army Boss for giving me my confidence back.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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