A day in the life of

Blasts from the Past…

So im not sure if im shared this story before but the girls think it’s legendary. I was passed out on a bench. Ok that sounds bad, side note, when im tired i crash, always have, when people say just drink more, it doesnt work, i still need to crash. So my sis and me were out, shes smoking and i lie my head on her lap and kinda nap, im awake but not if that makes sense. She shouts at this group of boys anyone wana wake my sis up and i lift my head up because i guy is kneeling down chatting to me, he thought i was ill, bless his heart. And then we are kissing. Sis thinks this is awesome that i pull while passed out.

Over the years we have texted but it never went further then that. He popped up on my instagram and i added him on facebook. Jesus such a blast from the past. Hes in a relationship so i wont go there but nice to think back on how we met. For the laughs anyway.

So your wondering about delivery guy? Hahahahaa his snapchat is like a jeremy kyle show. Hes snapping pictures of him and his ex saying they are back together then posting videos of himself saying she wont take him back because hes a cheater and liar, fucking hilarious. Then she uses his snapchat to send pictures of him sleeping saying his a slag, they arent back together and if anyone has slept with him to go to the clinic. She must have sent these to all the girls he is messaging. So i replied, appreciate this love but i have t spoken to him like that in weeks because he reminds me of my ex and i dont want the drama. Havent heard of him since. Im glad i realised what he was. I recognised Lucifer in him and backed off. Yay me, thats progress.

So ok im feeling abit weird about this. I have this friend. We shall name him Army Boss. I met him when i was dating the Partier. We went for food and went to the pub i worked, and he used to work, Army Boss was the only one in. He was back from afgan and came for drinks, he asked if i wanted one, my manager and the partier looked at each other (because they knew about my mental health and knew i didnt drink) and i told army boss this. Ok chick how about a coke? He was my friend from there. He didnt care i didnt drink, he didnt try to force me which most have done. That was like 5 years ago and we still speak now. Hes very sweet to me, hes text me once seeing how i was getting home from work because there was massive fights in town and if i didnt have a way home he would have come to get me.

Ive never been attracted to him, ive always seen him as a friend. BUT lately ive been thinking about him in a new light. A light ive never seen in him before. I have no idea what to do about this. Hes tried a few times to hook up but ive always put him in his place. Saying we are just friends. The worst thing is mum, sis and the bestie think he would be perfect for me. His dark sense of humour matches mine perfectly. He loves im dark and twisted, he accepts me for me. Mum would love this, she think he would treat me as princess, but hes an army guy. Ive seem his relationships, he meets girls, gets all in love and then he always ends up cheating. He will never change and i dont want him too really, because thats who he is. I also dont want to ruin the relationship but what if? What if what ive wanted and needed has always been there? Hes taking me for a burger when he gets home next time. Lets wait and see i suppose.

Oh and also Army Boss is the guy Lucifer was obsessed with, he thought i was cheating with him and made me cut him off. And when i left Lucifer, Army Boss asked if i was ok, he was there for me, like nothing had happened. Like i hadnt been the biggest bitch by cutting him out. He would even message the sis to see how i was doing.

Do you see the dilemma? Do i risk that kind of friendship?

Lots to think about.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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