A day in the life of

Another one Bites the Dust……

No update from the police. Ive spoken to a ex policeman in work and hes given me advice, he reckons they should have done something now. Im really worried he will get found not guilty. But i cant give up this court case because he will keep ruining my life. Hes a weasel. He believes in “equality” that if a woman hits a man, a man hits the woman back. I tried multiple times to say it doesnt work like that, that if i hit him it wouldnt hurt him as bad as him hitting me. I wanted to phone the police so many times against him but he convinved me they wouldnt do anything, he was clever enough to say most of his evil shit either on the phone or to my face so no evidence but i do have messages and texts from his crazy ass. He thinks he knows the law, he doesnt. Even if it takes years, i will get a restraining order against him.

So delivery guy. Woke up monday, his snapchat and facebook was gone. So i msged him what was going on. He replied he was sorting stuff with his ex out. Im not bothered by that, its the fact he just dismissed me so easily. We text each other everyday for two months, how rude! I had to do the delivery yesterday because mum had a bad belly. So he was like you ok. Yea im fine. You sure, you dont look it. So i just said shit with my ex was stressing me out which it was. Then i gave him his tea and he joked have you spiked it? So i said no…… i spat in it. Did you? Fuck off, i wouldnt actually do that. So i squatted to get him and the drivers cokes and he said i love when you do that, its so sexy. I was like you cant talk to me like that you have a girlfriend now. He was like my ex? He told me sees got his credit card and ranked up over a grand in dept, has all his stuff, even has hidden cameras in her room and has caught him wanking. Shes hacked all his accounts and bugged his phone. He said hes scared and doesnt know what to do, he doesnt want her to get into trouble. I get that, i really do, i didnt want Lucifer to get into trouble, it reached a point, i couldnt ignore it anymore.

BUT i woke up this morning to a random adding me on snapchat through my number so i snapped whose this? Then i went on instagram and shes followed me. So i think its her on snapchat. I have enough drama, i dont need to add to it. Who does that though? Who follows the girl that you ex or boyfriend was texting. I get having a little stalk, but you dont add them!

Ive had to go back to the doctors and have a prescription review, but i told them i was struggling with sleeping. They upped my medication and I’ve been sleeping so well so far. My sister is also struggling. Im so mad at her, she didnt tell me. She had a breakdown on Tues and went to the doctors on Wed, they upped her meds. When i said why didnt you tell me. She said i had enough going on. So i told her i always have room in my head for her. Shes my sister of course i have room in my head for her problems. Thats not even an issue for me. It makes me feel selfish for not realising she was struggling so much. How did i not see it? Im glad and so proud of her for telling the doctors and the girls, a few yeas ago she wouldnt have but she has this time round, she has.

Im taking her to primark before work this morning. Im going to make sure she has a few hours of not college related. To destress. Girls time heals anything.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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