Diamonds are Forever…

So i started my etsy shop a few years ago.

I was in a really bad place with my mental health, i was self harmer every night. My mum would bandage my arms up so i wouldnt scratch myself but it hardly worked. My arms and legs are still covered in scars. Mum would patiently clean them and but antibiotic cream on the marks.

So for a friends birthday i decided to make her a peter pan themed bracelet. I found a charm pack on ebay and ordered that along with some beads. I looked up what else i would need and ordered them too and put it together. Everyone complimented me on it so i decided to make some more.

I started by counting the links and deciding how many charms and beads i would need. Then i watched disney films and wrote down charm ideas, they looked for charms to match up to my idea. I would then make the bracelet.

As i got more competent, i started using different materials and i would you tube videos on how to correctly made bead loops with head pins.

I also started making wine glasses. I printed out stencils and used etching cream to etch an image, stained the stem with colours and added gems to it. These were hard to ship so i usually did they for family and friends.

My shop was really popular towards the end of last year. I had bought better charms and edited the photos so they looked more professional. In my collection the geeky bracelets were more popular then the disney ones so i stopped selling most of them.

Ive been concentrating on phone cases at the moment. I think because its more challenging and i cant think anxious thoughts when im making them.

I made these for a craft fair just before christmas, they didnt sell so gave them to family members as a present. I sprayed painted them first then added the gems. These were prob my favourite things to make.

I love working with gems and ive made canvases as well:

Lastly i added earrings and rings to my etsy shop as extras for customers to buy:

I like to doodle too, these are hanging on my wall in frames and i must say they look so good!

This is my current collection on etsy:

Happy Reading Bitches!

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