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The Bestie

Ive briefly mentioned her but it doesnt do her justice so heres some more info.


My sis boyfriend (now husband) is friends with my 30 seconds one night stand. My sis was having a party and 30 secs and his baby mama were guna be there, i didnt speak to her because i felt awkward at having slept with her boyfriend and i wasnt sure how she would react to me. So me and her were in the kitchen, i was grabbing a drink and she turned to me and said “sooooo sex is shit with him isnt it?” I burst out laughing and that was it, we were besties and still are.

About two weeks after the party, we were having a girls night and she opened up and said she was having difficulty with her bf and she wanted to leave but had no where to go. My sis offered her her house to stay in and her son obv. So she moved in.

We got really close straight away, we started hanging out because we are so similar. This is how awesome she is: we had only been friends about 4 weeks (she was living at the sis by now) and the One Nighters crazy ass ex gf turned up at my sis and i was having a panic attack. She instantly got up put her polar bear top on and went charging down the stairs like a freaking white knight. Then talked me down for an hour or two.

We are so close we have been celebrating vday together for 4 years. We can been on the phone for hours talking shit and laughing. We dont need to speak everyday but we both know we are there for the other. Shes been there for me and i will always treasure her. Shes been adopted and we cant get rid of her. She has a key for the sis house and calls my mum Mama D. Shes the third part of me and the sis.

Shes awkward like me. She also has an amazing one night stand story. Its to do with the Partier. She slept with him first then encouraged me to go out with him months later because he was really into me. Anyway, i was going home with the Magic Leprechaun, ah good times, lets take a moment for the best oral ive ever had. Ok im done. So she went back with the Partier and we find out the details the next day. It was her first one night stand and she didnt understand the rules so she felt awkward and when she went to the bathroom, she ended up cleaning it. 😂😂😂 thats not even the best part, when he dropped her home, she didnt know the etiquette for leaving so SHE SHOOK HIS HAND. I fuck you not. She gave him a handshake! Me and the sis still tease her about this 4 years later. We’ve had a convo with her about one night stand etiquette, she asked if she brings them home. NOOOOOO. You go there, get it in, stay for 10 mins catch your breath, if he did a good job, he gets a cwtch then you say you have to be up early so im guna call a taxi, smoke outside waiting for it, go home and chillax. That is the proper way to do a one night stand. The only way you stay over is if it is prearranged and you know him. Like you dont have to clean his bathroom, you know your having sex so no need to beat around the bush. But her heart is hin her vagina, she gets too attached.

There is legit no secrets between us as you can tell. She knows all of my crazy ass stories, she knows how i grew up and vice versa. I know what will set her off, shes welsh born, Irish and Canadian raised, and hates being called American. So on a night out if someone says are you American, we swooped in and pull her away because dude will be bitch slapped, it is happened before and will happen again.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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