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Folsom Prison Blues…

So i havent posted for a few days because ive had so much going on.

I phoned the police about Lucifer calling me because he breached his pin. They phoned me back on Friday and were like we have him in custody can you come in and make a statement. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Was not expecting him to be in custody. So went down gave them my statement and my phone so they could find the call. I was there for ages.

He was released ON BAIL. Which is some serious shit. They are taking it seriously which is a relief. I told the police that i was worried he would post my private sexy videos and photos that i sent him and they reassured me that if he does, BOOM automatically 5 years in jail. His bail conditions are he cant contact me and go near my address.

Its very frustrating. Hes lied to them saying he hasnt called me but ive been calling him. I have my phone records which i will be giving to the police. If he doesnt admit it i will have to go to court. BUT the good thing is under Clares Law, i am now a part of his history. The police said that if i find out he has a new gf then i can tell the police and they will ring her and inform her of Clares Law and my info will be in it.

I am not a victim, i am a warrior and a survivor. I can erase him from my life but he cant erase me. I will always be attached to his name. I AM A SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC ABUSE.

Ok so on to good news, i have a planned date with the delivery guy. Hes coming to mine and staying over. Should be a good night.

I have also been posting to this book group that i am a part of. The book series is called The Veil Diaries and the author has a group for the readers called Beyond the Veil. Bl Brunnemer, the author, is very active in the group. I posted after the hostage situation with Lucifer and told the group what had happened to me because i wanted to share my story but wasnt quite ready to announce it on my friends facebook. The author was posting and she was so supportive. Within one of the books the main character is held hostage and beat up etc and the next book deals with her counselling, triggers and how she slowly gets better. I loved that she wasnt magically well, it was very realistic. So the author shared a personal story to me and stated she hated when characters are magically well after a trauma so made her character struggle to deal with life after her attack. Anyway back to the point, the author PM and asked for my address so she could send me packages, she sent me safety equipment that is legal in the UK. I mean what authors actually do this???? So ive made a few friends from this group and one is a crazy funny Texan*** who is coming to Wales on and a trip and ive made plans to go meet her. She has been a really good friend to me and makes me laugh so much, ive been teaching her slang such as: Cheeky Nandos, Yes Mate, Banter. Im always laughing when she messages me. It proves that you dont need to be close to someone to make friends with them. I have had an outpouring of support from the people in this boom group, it is helping me to heal, they offer advice but most importantly support. They are truly amazing people and i am blessed to be able to speak to them.

Im getting well, i still struggle but i know what my triggers are such as tension or angry voices and the front door going. So i am taking steps to combat this, i am having a door chain fitted and ive asked everyone not to bring tension around me. It sucks he still has power over me but i am healing slowly. My mum and sister have read my full post, they are struggling with what happened to me but we are healing together and thats the main thing.

Happy Reading Bitches.

**** EDIT: Ive been informed that my crazy texan is in fact half texan half Japanese and from utah soooooo crazy ass american friend then.

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