A day in the life of

My Bloody Valentine…

The day started out good and went down hill about 2 hours ago.

Back history, since the psycho took me hostage, ive been texting my works beer delivery guy. Hes cute and makes me laugh. Well nothing had come of it, he hadnt kissed me or made any move so kinda gave up on him but he kissed me today. Its the first delivery ive done in a few weeks and i mentioned to him that drive was acting weird, he replied he must know what i have planned. Why would do you have planned? Then he kissed me. First time ive felt butterflies in a really really long time, all i ever felt with my ex was anxiety. Like i would see his name pop up and id get an anxious feeling because i wouldnt know if i would be getting shit off him.

The sis took me for a sunbed, took a nap inside and right now my face is bright read, ima red panda! Me and the bestie also celebrated our 4 vday together. Since we’ve been friends, whether we’ve had bfs or not we have celebrated valentines together and buy each other gifts. First off this is how i looked when she turned up, she laughed so hard, laughed harder when she found out my uncle and mum helped me put it on because my first attempt was shite apparently:

I bought her chip slippers:

And i made her these:

I also got a book from poundland called valentines memories, printed out all our photos, gifts, status from valentines and put them in. She cried. Pansy.

But she got me the coolest book ever.

Lets just say if i performed most of these spells id be be pissed. One spell is for increasing the libido, the herbs they ask you to collect have libido properties and a bottle of mead, yep the booze will do it!

So went to work has a laugh with the guys and managed to walk home with mum for the first time. So just chilling out finishing food and my phone goes private number, thought it was my step dad, nope it was Lucifer. What the fuck do you want, why are you calling me? “Dunno” so i hang up and call the police. Hes breached his PIN. Im not fucking about anymore, hes done enough damage.

I know exactly why he phoned me. Its vday hes prob thinking of all the effort i would of gone to and hes all lonely and pathetic and thought i need to speak to beck, she’ll make me feel good. Um now mate you made you bed now fucking lie in it you worthless piece of shit. You held me hostage up a mountain and wouldnt take me home now matter how much i begged you, so like fuck am i hanging around after that. I just wana scream at him, grow up, man up and dig yourself out the hole instead of blaming every fucker for your problems.

So im guna chill out and try to salvage some of vday.

Happy Reading all you Lovebugs.

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