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The first tattoo i had. I didnt know what i wanted so i waited a year and decided to go for a B for Beck. I used to be called Rebecca and as i grew more outgoing it changed to becks.

My second tattoo follows the idea of the changing idea. I chose a butterfly. My One True love did it for me. But the colour bled and eventually my bestie/tattoo artist added watercolour to it for me.

The next two i chose because i love Egypt, the mythology really intrigues me. So the Ankh was chosen for obvious reasons.

I made an appointment for the day after a bank holiday. I turn up and the shop is only now opening. The receptionist forgot to tell the tattooist that i was booked in. So i went back later because i had paid for it. K really shouldn’t have because he was hungover. The Ankh isn’t a perfect tattoo,the lines arent straight but i took it stride and i like it because im not perfect either and at least he got my nans tattoo correct.

My nan hadnt long died and i wanted a tattoo for her but i didnt want her name. So i looked up what her name meant and in Spanish it meant soul. So there are 5 concepts of the Soul in Egyptian:

Jp is the heart, the seat of emotion, it was examined after death by Anubis who judged a persons worth.

Sheut is the shadow

Ren was a part of the soul, it was the name given to a person.

Ba was the personality

Ka or vital spark- it distinguished the difference between life and death. When the Ka left the body, a person was dead.

Ahk was essentially the life after death.

So i designed an image of the Jp inside the Ka. Meaning my nan had died.

Next came my arrows. I chose arrows because you have to pull it back before it can go forwards, so you must go back steps to go forward in life.

For my sis wedding me and the bridesmaids decided on a joint tattoo. We chose the skull because it was a fave of one bridesmaid, leopard print for the bride and moustache for me and the bestie.

The second photo is my sisters.

I then got a few tattoos in one go because it was cheaper. I got a coctail shaker because i evolved so much in my recent job at a pub. I got the Hocus Pocus book and she redid the arrows and put water colour in my butterfly.

My next two was the Eye of ra at the back of my neck so to protect my body from negativity. And also a wolverine tattoo.

I added leopard print around the sisters tattoo because she loves it and for a wedding present i got it done:

Lastly my biggest tattoo to date. I told my bestie i wanted a lotus and the style and she had free reign over it.

I do want more but my tattooist is leaving work for the time being and it takes a lot of trust to let someone tattoo you.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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