Big Lil Sisters

The sis and i have always been close. Shes always been my friend. I think we are so close because we moved away so much when we were younger and it was hard to find friends because one of us always moved. I was extremely shy too, so she would talk for me.

I think she was trying to smother me.

She always teases me because i have a ridiculously good long term memory. My first memory of me and the sis was when i was roughly 4 or 5. We lived in Germany and my two friends had already moved to a diff army base. I went to talk to the sis in the playground but she was cool that day. There was a jungle gym, that if you were the coolest that day you sat on it, so sis was too popular to talk to me. I went to sit by the wall and where the shade was it had iced over, so i fell and cut my knee. I always tease her about this.

Most boyfriends are uncomfortable with how close i am with my sis because i tell her everything, there are no secrets between us. I was maid of honour at her wedding, we went to malta for it but i found out the day off her wedding i was supposed to give a speech. Now im not as shy as i was but i was still panicked so i wrote the speech and gave it to the other bridesmaid to read. Shes a tough nut but she burst in to tears ah beck why are you doing this to me? Haha. I must say i dont say my feelings very often but when i do its heartfelt. So i read my speech and boom sis and bro in law cried. BOOM. Did it.

Anyway its always been the two of us. My bro in law or brother as i call him, accepts this. Ill give you some examples of his acceptance:

They stayed over the day before christmas eve so me and mum could give the kids their gifts on christmas eve. So i woke up and went to their room, my sis says come on then, move over R. He asks why? So sis said becks is getting into bed. His response? Ah ok. And he moved over so i could get in.

When they looked up prices to visit harry potter sis, said its so and so price for 2 adults and the kids. My bro in law was like 3 adults what about beck??


Mama just rolls her eyes at our antics now. We went to ikea and the sis had an idea to go in a wardrobe, come out and say Narnia is amazing. So she got in and i stuck my foot against it. All i hear is beck the door wont open. Beck. BECKKKKKK. So i open it shes all flustered, i got stuck? So i burst out laughing. No sis i locked u in.

We even have matching tattoos. Shes my Big Lil Sis and im here Lil Big Sis. Because shes older but smaller. She was upset so i designed us tattoos. I eventually as a wedding gift added leopard print because she loves it.

Heres some more photos of the shit we get up to:

We had such a row off of mum for the moustache on my nephew. He cried when we pulled it off.

This is my sisters ass. She walked around Tesco like this Twice!

Whatever we do we have so much fun. We have a greys anatomy day once a week, have our lashes done every 3 weeks. I always say we are more twins then sisters, we can born tell when something is wring with the other without saying it. We know what the other needs.

This was her response to not knowing what i had planned for her hen do:

Freakish strong, i had to stop because the nephew was crying:

Bitch caught me in the bath:Standard nights out:

Its a known fact im freakishly strong when i need to be. We were out to celebrate my graduation and she mentioned i used to be strong but probably wasnt anymore so i wrestled her. We were laughing so hard, i managed to drag her to the floor:

Bridesmaid dress shopping:

I basically arranged her whole wedding. For her hen do i planmed the whole thing, she didnt know anything, i decorated the pub, bought gift bags for all of the bridesmaids, arranged a special surprise for her. I booked our favourite band to play. It cost me £450 i think for a few hours of playing but it was worth it. We got to go on the stage and sing her fave song with them:

Even sober we have fun.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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