A day in the life of

I Gotta Feeling

Today was such a good day. I work in a social club. Mums the manager, im the assistant and my uncle and sis work there too. Because the rugby was on all of us were into work. I asked if my sis would work with me upstairs. We laughed so much.

One of the committee members M, scared me and i jumped and said jesus M, ive been kidnapped you cant jump out on me anymore. Well my sis lost her shit and laughed so hard. M said hang on ill just grab my balaclava and we’ll do this again. Then another member A told us that the match was his wifes Valentines meal. He was treating her because he was getting her food for her. One customer let me put a drinks umbrella in his hair. My sis gave M a somewhat lapdance (i wish id seen his face) and i flipped him the bird. As Miranda Hart would say such fun.

I just finished my post about the Psycho Ex. It was very cathartic and liberating. I feel empty but a good empty. Just zen. Soooo im guna take advantage and get a good night sleep.

Happy Reading Bitches.

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