We are Family…

Ok let me start by asking have you seen the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well my family is like that just not greek, we are welsh. Oh side note, Wales is not England. It is its own country, we have our own language, culture and flag. Ok back to it, my family is close, we all live near each other, there is no boundaries and we are always in each others business.

We arent perfect, we all have our problems.

Mama had my older sis (Lets call her L or Big Sis) at age 18. She met my dad who had a crush on her in school. She said if he wanted her he had to have L too as she was a single mum. Daddy was in the army so they married and moved to England then Germany. I was born here but moved away straight away. I was apparently meant to be a twin, mama had a miscarried and got pregnant straight away, the doctors thought i was born prem but i was a healthy weight and everything was fully formed so they said she must have miscarried my twin. I spent 3 years living in Germany and when we returned to Wales, i had an english accent. Mum developed a drinking problem. It got worse when she cheated on my dad and he moved out. Im not saying she was a drunk, she has something called alcohol dependency, which means she doesnt have to wake up and drink and can go a few days without it but she would eventually need a drink.

Let me say my mother is not a bad person she did what she could. She made sure we had clothes, a hot meal and plenty of love. Its not her fault she drinks, if you knew her childhood, you would understand but thats not my story to tell. My mother brought me up to be very open with her. I can tell her anything. If i had a problem i could and would got to mum.

My mum re married and i didnt really get on with my stepdad at first. I was a typically teenager except i was extremely shy, a worrier and my mum was my best friend. I was worried he would take her away from me. They married after dating for four months and we moved out of the only stable home i had lived in (army brat).

My step dad has two children. They arent very nice. The oldest is a heroin addict, in and out of jail, the other is a compulsive liar. I grew to love my Step Dad and now hes another dad for me.

My sister is my Best Friend. We have this saying between us that together we are one coin, half side each, together we make a whole. She has two sons. She says im more their dad then both of their fathers even though shes married to the youngest boys dad. They are my world, my life, my everything. My heart shines when i hear the oldest saying “i love you aunty” and when the youngest face lights up when he sees me.

My dads mother was like my other mum. I spent every weekend with her. She died 11 years ago and i miss her everyday, it still hurts. She taught me to bake and to sew. She was so proud of the corset i made for my GCSE Textiles.

My other nan and me have a not as close relationship as her and my sister but we are still close. She shares my love of spot popping videos. When i stay down there, we snack, we laugh and we watch youtube. I frequently hear oh beck followed by laughter. I like to shock her. I will say something dirty to her just to shock her.

Daddy. Im daddys girl. Im 27 and i still have a room at his house. I go up once a week to watch tv or a film. We tried something for a while where he would cook me food id never tried before but it only lasted two weeks haha. We’ve watched all of the lotr films in the cinema, avengers etc. He even took me to see pride and prejudice, he said any film with kiera knightly was worth watching. I think we get on so will because we are very similar in personality’s. We have a dry sense of humour and we can sit and watch tv for hours without talking, in a comfortable silence. Im fiercely protective of my daddy. Hes helped me out financially so many times, hes my daddy. So yea no woman is good enough for him in my eyes. But hes seeing an ex gf, i did have reservations about her but she seems tidy now, so im happy for them.

Daddys bbq.

Thats enough family time for now.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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