Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

My name is Beck. Or Rebecca if im getting a row or signing forms. Im in my late twenties, i look 18 and i act 40. I am sober, have been for years because i was a little bit wild in my younger years and alcohol makes me depressed for days after and with my mental health its not a good idea. Im the Assistant Manager in a Social Club. I have a degree in Fine Art and have qualifications in media and massage therapy, random i know but i like to learn.

Im shy around people i dont know. Im passionate and extremely loyal. Ive been told im beautiful, i dunno about that, ill let you have your opinion on that. I change my hair colour at least 3 times a year. I love tattoos and piercings but i cant get any metal because im extremely allergic to nickel and the last piercing i got i ended up in hospital with an infection and could have lost my ear- no joke.


Film – Lord of the Rings

Book – Cant pick but fantasy with badass female role.

Series – Charmed | Buffy | Greys Anatomy | One Tree Hill

Film That Cheers Me Up – Hocus Pocus

Pop Vinyls

Spag Bol


White or Dark Chocolate

Tattoos – 12



Murder She Wrote ( ok small anecdote here. Mama loves this and thinks Angela Lansbury is a National Treasure. I agree with that because bitch please she rocked Tale as old as Time. But murder she wrote is so annoying, like how is a writer allowed to solve a crime?)

Two faced people – i aint got time for this shit.

You’ll get to know me more after a few more posts.

Happy Reading Bitches!

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